In 1998, three brothers purchased the property in the Barossa Ranges for the purpose of establishing a vineyard. The area has an average annual rainfall of 700mm and the second coldest average winter temperature in South Australia. The average elevation is 450m above sea level and most of the vineyard has a northerly aspect. The soils are rich in minerals and organics, which enables us to grow some of the best quality wine grapes in Australia.

Our name comes from Bluerock corner which borders our vineyard and was the site of a large bluestone mine which supplied stone for many of Adelaide's older buildings.

Our Story

Our wines are soft, smooth and fruit-driven. The cooler growing conditions produce red wines with softer more rounded tannins which can be enjoyed younger. These cooler conditions allow the grapes to ripen slowly retaining fuller fruit flavours characteristic to each variety. Careful winemaking techniques and cooler ferments help to retain and preserve these characteristics in our wines. 

Please enjoy a bottle or two with friends

Blue Rock Wines is a small family owned winery nestled in the southern end of the Barossa Valley. A specialist producer of cool climate wines, we produce around 4,000 cases of wine a year.
Blue Rock Wines is 100% family owned and operated.
All of our wines are sourced and hand crafted from our single vineyard property in southern Barossa Valley.

Winemaker, Zissis Zachopoulos, puts his passion, knowledge, dedication and commitment into every bottle.



In 2001 Zissis, one of the brothers commenced a viticultural degree at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga via correspondence. Also in that year, one of the Barossa's oldest and most respected family operated wineries offered us a contract to purchase all of the grapes produced by the property. In 2004 the viticulture degree undertaken by Zissis was drawing to a close when the university offered for the first time a double degree (viticulture and wine sciences), which he promptly enrolled in.

He graduated in 2008 with both degrees, the first in Australia to do so.


One philosophy we strongly adhere to as grape growers is to always put back into the land what you take out by replacing the nutrients to the soil that were used to grow that years crop.

Organic fertilizers are used to improve soil health and maintain soil sustainability. We utilize integrated pest and disease management and minimum chemical input strategies where ever possible.

Biodiversity is encouraged by the planting of native species trees indigenous to this area.

These tree plantings also help to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce global warming.